Co-Created and written by Grace L. Kelly and Chloe Elizabeth Lewis. 

Dating My TV is a new comedy web series about two unlikely best friends looking for love in the age of The Bachelor.

Season One was featured on the Homepage of and in co-branded marketing campaigns with Bumble and Venmo. Oh, did you read this awesome review from!

After Kickstarting to fund more hilarious adventures of Grace + Chloe, new episodes are NOW streaming on AMAZON PRIME!

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Ep 1. Moving Day - After a late night kitchen fire, Grace and Chloe are forced to move apartments. Chloe has a stressful phone call from her dads, while Grace receives a daunting invitation.

Ep 2. Werk Friends - Grace + Todd. Chloe + Baby Brennan. + "Zac Efron"?

Ep 3. There are Boys Outside - Chloe encourages Grace to leave the apartment in search of a wedding date.

Ep 5. Networking - Grace encourages Chloe to seek advice from with a "more successful" stand-up, Sabine. 

Ep 6. He Has Eyes - Grace gets some unexpected news and digs herself into a deep hole.

Ep 7. Someone to Hold Your Hair Back - Showtime!